Ribbon Embroidery Project

So, this is the result of ribbon embroidery that I've learned yesterday. I learned it from this site. There so much lovely ribbon embroidery designs you can download.
French knots, chain stitch, spider-web rose......oh my God.....it's not as easy as I thought :((
But I succeeded in make the embroidery like this. Without a pattern so it is quite messy..hehe

I used organza ribbon 1/4" in size. And i think that size doesn't fit to make the Ribbon Stitch. Hmmm..I think I need larger size ribbon to make that stitch type. The French Knots is the most simple, but I made a mess with that..hahaha. My favorite is the Spider-Web Rose. It's easy to make and more realistic rose in result. And I tried to make that flower bouquet embroidery. Here's for the details. The image on the top-right was my favorite spider-web rose :)))

I also make this brooch using french knots stitch. Still messy but looks pretty when i using colorful ribbon I guess :))Thanks for stopping by. Hope this can inspiring you


  1. err, cbox nya ko ga bisa ditulisin apa-apa ya?

  2. udah bisaaaa nindy..hehehe..maaf kemaren ada salah pas edit2 warna..maaf..udah bisa ko sekarang :)
    salam kenal..

  3. salam kenal juga...
    keren banget, pengen bisa bikin ginian juga deh

  4. wow...good job, so cute dear :)


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