March Calendar

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A new calendar for March. It's sunny almost everyday here. So I choose the bright yellow color for this month's background. Enjoy and have a great days!


February Calendar + Currently Loving

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A month has already passed since the new year. How was your January? I hope it went pretty well as a good start for the next months. So here is a February calendar wallpaper for you. I hope you'll love it :)

As you can see, I currently have a serious crush on brush lettering. Since I saw this video, I've set one of my new year goals is to practice brush lettering. It's so exciting! You can see the results on this month desktop calendar and earlier. And also on my instagram. Not good enough cause I'm still learning and practicing to find my own style. I think I'll share more about this new hobby in the next post.

Hope you have an amazing week!



Welcoming January

New year, new month. Also time for new desktop calendar :) Hope you'll like the new version of my desktop calendar, as a new year gift from me to you.

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Hello 2015

Happy New Year, everyone! How was your 2014? Mine was great, a lot of achievement, experiences, chances, new lessons, new friends with same enthusiast. I'm so grateful. May you had a delightful 2014 too, and you'll find a year full of joy and successes in 2015.

At the beginning of this year, I've set a goal for my blog and a lot of to do list for this blog and my little clay e-store. I hope everything will going smoothly as I planned.

Thank you so much to my lovely readers to have spent so many days read this blog along last year. I wish you'll still be faithful to read my blog. Can't wait to sharing even more with you. So much hugs for you all!


December Calendar

Hope you enjoy this new monthly calendar from me. I'm so sorry there's no freebies calendar on last month, I was busy for another craft event. The biggest art & craft event in my country (even in South East Asia, they said), but I quite disappointed for that event. Ah, I'll tell you about that later, on the next post I guess. Finally, I hope you enjoy your last month in 2014. 30 more days heading to 2015 !! :)

Have a bless bless bless month everyone!!

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This freebies are free for personal use only.  

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- Fonts: MTF Cutie Patootie/ Jenna Sue
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