February Calendar + Currently Loving

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A month has already passed since the new year. How was your January? I hope it went pretty well as a good start for the next months. So here is a February calendar wallpaper for you. I hope you'll love it :)

As you can see, I currently have a serious crush on brush lettering. Since I saw this video, I've set one of my new year goals is to practice brush lettering. It's so exciting! You can see the results on this month desktop calendar and earlier. And also on my instagram. Not good enough cause I'm still learning and practicing to find my own style. I think I'll share more about this new hobby in the next post.

Hope you have an amazing week!



  1. gorgeous work - and you are so consequent with the variation in thickness! Love it!

  2. Anonymous4.2.15

    Hi! I love your work! Just to let you know, your dates on the free calendars are one day behind. Thanks!

  3. Oh, I just love this. Your writing is just my style.

  4. Hi Pratya, just dropped by to let you know that I'm blogging again! (btw I love the lettering, it's so pretty!)
    x Trisha


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