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I'd been very busy last week till this afternoon. So tonight I decided to have a relaxing time, accompanied by a cup of cappuccino+caramel syrup, take some chitchat with my boyfriend by phone [but he's very busy tonight :(, make me little bit dissapointed.... ], and do something with my new journal.

I bought this journal a few weeks ago from Kineruku, little library and book store in my town. This journal was actually a visual diary pocket-book, made by Tarlen Handayani, one of very talented crafter in my town. She create a lot of beautiful handmade notebook. You can found her gorgeous works here or here.
Each series of this visual diary has a beautiful photograph on the cover and has a brief story about the cover on the last page.

Pacific Ocean, San Francisco,
July 22nd, 2008

"..for you whose wading through the ocean with your little feet and wings.."


I really love my new journal. I want to use it as an art journal but I have no idea what should be written or drawn. So I start reading about art journaling from one of my favorite blog here, and I found a link to this very useful blog post. It's about 100 ideas things to do with journal, and it's really fun!
I've download it, cut and roll it into small rolls, put in the tin can and pick it randomly. And this is the first thing I've chosen :)
I'll post the result a.s.a.p.
Please try the '100 Ideas', and have fun with it.

Hope you have a lovely Monday, everyone!

xo, pratya.

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