#2. Color Swatches

A few weeks ago I was made this color sample page on my journal. I take the color combinations sample from my old clothes (the green one) and my mom's clothes (the other one). I just making the sample by taking a similar color using watercolor on some heavy paper. And then made into some color card which inspired from this site.

Then I scan it to get the palette code of these colors. And I also write the colors names that I use to make these colors on the back of the card. So I could make the same color again later.

Well, this post is just the second post of the '100 Ideas' with art journaling. It will take a looong time for me to finish it :(
I was very busy with the office work and some other work. And I get a really bad monday yesterday with that office work and cough that doesn't heal for these 3 days. Not a good start for this week I guess :(

I hope your week is much better than me.
have a lovely week everyone!

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  1. Art journaling?! What an idea! I do this thing called smash journaling, but it's definitely not my own original idea! -Jessica L


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