1 to 5 : California Valley Quail

Hello! This is my first '1 to 5' post :)  This post is about my longing for my polyvore site. Since I work, I have no time to do that fun thing anymore . So I decided to post about fashion here. I pick 1 of my favorite photos / pictures from pinterest and use it as inspiration for the 5 fashion items.
For this first post I pick this very cute photograph by Brett Colvin and translate it into this following items. Hope you enjoy

Hope you have a lovely week


  1. Oh my! the different colors and shades of the quail are gorgeous! as the clothes you picked! Can't wait for the other 4 posts!

  2. Thank you for your lovely comment Daniela :)
    But there is no other 4 posts for this quail photo. The 1 to 5 post is how I translate 1 picture into 5 fashion items such like shirt, necklace, skirt, bag and shoes. Just like above.
    For the further I will use another image into 5 other items :)


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