Hello friends! Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy for the holidays last week. There are two great days in my country last week. Indonesia's Independence Day on August 17th and Eid al-Fitr on August 19-20th. And the days after 20 is my precious time with my whole family and my boyfriend who came home for vacation for 2 weeks :)
Anyway, this is my previous works. I just be able to post it today. I had two customers who named Rara. What a nice coincidence :) 

Happy graduation & cut teeth Rara Dwi Astarinaya, ST.
 Happy graduation Rara Evandra Tamia, SE.

Happy Monday, everyone!

note : Cut teeth (Balinese: mepandes, mesangih or metatah) is Hindu-Balinese ceremonies. This ceremony includes what is called the ceremony manusa yadnya. What's done at the cutting teeth ceremony are eroding six upper front teeth. The purpose of this ceremony is to reduce vices (sad ripu) in question.


  1. How beautiful Pratya! I really like all the little details! Congratulations! and hope you enjoyed the time spent with your family and boyfriend!

  2. Thank you so much Daniela! Hope you enjoy your family time too :)

  3. hallo mbak pratyaa :) thank you loh clay-nya hihi love it so much!


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