currently loving : it's autumn!

currently loving // autumn
Hello there! This is my first post in October. Happy autumn, my dear friends in the 4 seasons country! I love autumn hues! Although there is no autumn in my country, but October is also the first month for the rainy season here. As a rainy-person, I really excited  :D 
The rain falls down in my town almost every night. It makes the air more cool and comfy to sleep :)
Beside that, the other things I love from autumn and rainy seasons is its hues, the atmosphere. I love shady, quiet, calm and gloomy atmosphere. It makes me more comfortable, calm and even excited at the same time.
Well, I hope you can enjoy your autumn or rainy or any seasons in your country as I am :)

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  1. That description of rainy gloomy days was my spring. it is so nice when it was like that in the mornings on the weekends.

  2. I soooo agree with you! I love rainy, shady and gloomy days, for some reason I feel more in the mood for creating and crafting, staying home and enjoying the calm weather! :)
    Great selection of pictures!

  3. Anonymous12.10.12

    What a fun roundup of finds! Hope you're enjoying the rainy season. (and your comfy sleep!) :)

  4. those little red berries are so darling. I love everything about this autumnal post.

  5. These are all such beautiful snaps, they capture the essence of autumn perfectly. This is by far my favorite season, I also love the gloomy, grey days as much as the sunny & crisp :)


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