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I always love to see someone's collections. Such as stationery, vintage items or even dried leaves and pebbles. I used to have several collections. Stamps, owl things and wrapping paper. But things that still collected until now is just wrapping paper. I like to collect the unique and not-any-other-like wrapping paper. Maybe I'll share my collections here someday :)

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  1. haha I always have been a fan of collecting wrapping papers. Not new and shiny, used ones. I always spend 1 million years to open a present, so that I don't rip the paper. And then I fold it and I store it. obsession... :D

  2. i love vintage things too. i used to collect paper bag. haha

  3. I love collections of things! When I was about 11 I used to collect poststamps and postcards I wish I kept it up!
    Sofia x

  4. I too have a weakness for collecting pebbles. They are all unique and I love to take one home with me when I've been somewhere special...
    Beautiful collections here :-)



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