DIY faceted eraser ring

Pheew! I think it was a year ago since my last DIY post :(  So, I thought today I'd share a tutorial with you all for these DIY Faceted Eraser Ring. I was inspired by this polymer clay geo rings, but I want to make it easier with more easy-to-find material. And rubber eraser is perfect one, I think :)  Its texture is a bit similar to polymer clay and easily carved. If you want to make this ring, here's the supplies you'll need.
1. Rubber eraser |choose the soft one so it easily carved
2. Metal ring
3. Acrylic paint
4. Cutter
5. Gold spray paint
6. Brush
7. E6000 |or glue gun
8. Scotch tape |or masking tape
  • Carve the rubber eraser into geometric shape using cutter. You can use the rubber eraser with any color you'd like. I like that Uni-ball Boxy Eraser. Besides I love black color, I think that one was easier to carved than the white one.
  • Carve it until you get the shape you wanted. It'll be better if it has asymmetrical sides.
  • Paint the carved eraser using acrylic paint and brush with any color you like. I choose mint and pale salmon for my white eraser :)  And let the paint dry for a while.

  • Be sure that your paint has completely dry before you go to the next step.
  • Using scotch tape, make a neat line to covered one side of your painted eraser. Be sure that a half side was perfectly covered by scotch tape before you spray painted them. 
  • Paint the tape-covered eraser using gold spray paint. Let it dry, then open the scotch tape so you'll get the two sided faceted erasers, color and golden side. 
  • The final step is just attach the faceted eraser into the metal ring using E6000 or glue gun.
  • Voila! You got a new ring to go with you this weekend :)

I really enjoy doing this DIY project, especially because I can play with my favorite color combinations. I hope you'll like this tutorial and making your versions of this diy project. I would love to see your finished results if you do :)  Happy Thursday!


  1. This is the coolest little project! I really love that you can make your fave colour combos come to life in this way. Thanks for sharing, you clever lady!

    1. Thank you so much, dear Melissa!

  2. Love this D.I.Y! Great idea! What a clever way to make it look real!


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