a weekend walk

I found this beautiful place when Bara and I were went out on the weekend about a couple months ago. We're just drive towards the highlands area almost an hour from my house. Then we found this elongated path with tall pine trees on its both sides. There were only a few houses around that area, which make this path very calm and serene. Also fresh because surrounded by pine trees. I thought this place was proprietary, because it has high fence on the front but it wasn't locked . So we parked our car outside the fence and got into that place. Then we took a walk followed the path, just to stretched our legs, took a deep fresh breath and of course, some photograph :)
It's always nice to go to new places and found such a wonderful place to explore or simply to enjoyed. How was your weekend, guys? I hope you have a great one :)


  1. Lovely photos, and such a peaceful atmosphere! I love discovering new places! :)

    Charlotte // www.midnightcaramel.com

    1. Thank you so much for our lovely comment, Charlotte! and welcome to my blog! :)
      I love your autumny mood post :)

  2. Beautiful place, I love walk between woods and gardens, very great for health and mind


    1. Yes, it's very healthy! Thanks a bunch for your comment, Ruzu! :)


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