weekend DIY | faux leather pouch

I forgot that I had this DIY project photos on my computer since November 2012. Almost a year! I think it would be great to share with you today as a simple weekend project! ;)  This is a very easy DIY project. Just 3 steps to make it. Here are the supplies you'll need to make this pouch: faux leather, scissors, needle and thread, jeans button. Continue reading to check the steps. Hope you'll enjoy this! :)

Step 1: Cut faux leather fabric into 20 x 25 cm. Then fold it into 3, two sections folded into 9 cm wide, and the rest 7 cm is for the cover.
Step 2: Start sewing both sides of the folded faux leather. Let the lid section open.

Step 3: Attach the jeans button. Make a buttonhole on the cover by cutting a vertical line along 2 cm.
That's it! You've got a new pouch for your glasses or pencil case! :)
Have a wonderful weekend! xo


  1. Very cool DIY! It's giving me some ideas to make as a gift! Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. Thanks for your comment dear Daniela! I'm so glad to see you're back :)

  2. I go crazy over your DIY posts! Please, don't ever stop making them. This looks really awesome. :)


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