Crafty Days #8

As I promised to you in some previous post, I'll share the pics and some stories from the first event I've joined. That was an amazing event for craft and handmade enthusiasts like me! There a lot (did I say a lot? I mean LOTS!) of cool and stunning handmade goods sold in the craft bazaar. Not only craft bazaar, Crafty Days #8 also held some handmade workshop for kids and adults, craftpreneur group discussion, and music performance.
I shared the booth with my friend, Rere and Gina from Kanigara (they sells some pouch and pillow from illustration-printed fabric) and my best-friend Achie from BloeiHandmade (she sells necklaces and bracelets from fabric scraps).
That was Achie and I set up our booth. And this is part of my product display on the first day. Quite a lot if I may say :)
Our booth was located in first line on the left wing of the building. There were 10 booths on this section, and here are some of them..
 Left: Booths on the left wing.  Right: Gorgeous leather stuffs from Carikavasa.
Top: Mbak Astri and her cute monster sock dolls from "Hey You...!!!" Handmade.  Bottom: Cool leather wallet and bracelets from Simplea Leatherworks.
From top left, clockwise: Pillow, doll and matryoshka plushie by Kikygraini, cool stuff with their statement hot pink color by Wawbaw ( I bought their large canvas tote bag and love it so much :) ), stunning printed-illustration tote bag and pouch by Dinska from Denpasar, Bali. And screen-printed pillow and plywood coaster by Maken Living.

This is the central section of the building. There were about 12 booths which no less striking than the previous one and here are some of them...
 Top left: lovely scrapbook albums and clay food miniature from Scrappetizer, top right: cute dolls from Dollea Doll, bottom: collectible art pieces and wooden doll from MD Artpiece.
Top left: awesome tote bag and wall art from Kala and Wickana, top right: striking local superhero doll from Cemprut Handmade, bottom: I was contributed to give a name for Cemprut's doll, and in return I got a postcard with their dolls picture. It's such a fun! :)
Top left: the goods from Koloni Eatery & Art-Venture (they recently held a grand opening last weekend, and I plan to visit there this weekend :)), top right: lovely stuff from 3 Cups of Tea (consist of customized pillow by Pililow, hand-drawn notebook by Journ(al)ey, and handmade pouch by Omahkainkertas), bottom: cool and stunning wooden eyewear from Eastwood (as for me, their stuffs are the coolest!)
 The last, this is the right wing of the building. There were about 10 booths and full with cute items! Please take a look at them..
Top left: lovely plushies and felt brooches from Ndandut, top right: handmade necklaces from Amithevintagist, center left: ethnic pattern bags from Kiniakara, center right: gorgeous batik accessories from Dwaya Manikam, bottom left: knitted accessories from Lunyatime, bottom right: adorable items from Bengkimut.
Top: traditional wooden toys from Tokecang Natural Toys, bottom: hand-carved stamp from Paperon. 

And this is Rere and Achie at our booth on the second day. We're had fun and enjoyed that have been able to sell our works and get a great appreciation from the visitors. In fact I almost ran out of items for sale on the second day :)))
By the end of the second day, we were entertained with music performances by Teman Sebangku.  I really like the attractive gesture of their vocalist who looks thoroughly enjoyed singing with her amusing voice :)
Thank you very much for Tobucil which has hosted this remarkable event. I've got new experiences, and also new friends with the same passion. Hopefully I can get a chance to join in this event again next year :) See you on Crafty Days #9!

P.S.: All photos were taken by my B, I was hired him to take some photos to be posted here .. hahaha. He also accompanied me during those two-day event from morning to evening. Isn't he so kind? Thank you so much B, you have my heart   
I'm so sorry to spam you with this event picture, I just think it's too awesome not to be shared. Hope you like it and have a great great Monday!

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  1. How inspirational! I'm always looking for great ideas and experiences like this event you were part of... I'm glad you enjoyed it and sharing it with us...!


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