December Calendar

Hope you enjoy this new monthly calendar from me. I'm so sorry there's no freebies calendar on last month, I was busy for another craft event. The biggest art & craft event in my country (even in South East Asia, they said), but I quite disappointed for that event. Ah, I'll tell you about that later, on the next post I guess. Finally, I hope you enjoy your last month in 2014. 30 more days heading to 2015 !! :)

Have a bless bless bless month everyone!!

Desktop | Printable
This freebies are free for personal use only.  

Credits :
- Acorn and Squirrel clipart : ClipartETC
- Fonts: MTF Cutie Patootie/ Jenna Sue

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  1. Thank you so much Pratya for another beautiful desktop! I love it and it's already making my computer look very happy :-)


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