Box O Gâteaux

Lots of cakes !
Pies and Cupcakes :))

I made these little cake rings last year, in November I guess, not sure.
There is 17 cupcake rings and 8 fruit pie rings.
But 1 fruit pie ring was bought by my friend.
I have given them a name accordance with the topping and taste.
Such like cookies and cream cupcake, green tea cupcake, chocorange
and strawberry princess cupcake :)))
and also mixberry pie and mix fruit pie...sounds delicious?

Well, actually i didn't making my polymer clay work using the "real polymer clay".
You know, imported polymer clay like Fimo or Sculpy.
But i make my own clay dough using corn starch. It's usually called corn craft, but I'd love to call mine polymer clay :))
If you want to make corn craft dough as mine, you'll need some ingredient,
such like :
1 cup cornstarch
1 cup rice flour
1 cup tapioca/cassava starch
a little benzoat if you need for preservative (I don't use this)
white wood glue or PVAC glue
watercolor or acrylic paint ( I use watercolor, it gives the soften color)

The weakness if you use this dough is not waterproof. So you have to coating it with varnish or clear paint when it is dry. Just a little so it doesn't looked too shiny or glossy.

Enjoy you work !

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