The Rainbow is Gloom

Still busy with my final project. I really want to finish it as soon as possible.
Rainy on this morning and no sunshine along this day. So it's really cold tonight.
And I'm still have no idea for my final project design. Whereas there is just 1 month towards the third exam. Sitting in front of my computer from 6 pm, but still doing nothing with that project . Till now. Hufftt :(((
I really can't wait to finish it so i can go crafting freely. Without any guilty feeling cause of I'm not doing my final project yet :)))

Just wanna share my another upcycled cotton fabric necklaces that I'm doing last week. This one is taken from my aunt ex-t shirt :))). Hope this inspire. Please feel free to give your comment on my posts. I'll really appreciate it :))
Thanks for stopping by :)))


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