I'm Baaack !!

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WAW..it's been so long since my latest post !!!

That's because currently I'm very busy with my college final project. :(((
Hufft..it's soooo tiring and boring...
In the sidelines of the busy times, I'm searched for a little free time to refreshing myself from all that exhausting things.
Well, relaxing for a moment among the deadline tasks is not a crime, right? ;p

So I'm start to looking for the activities that can make me happy.Then i found the unused cotton fabric from my shawl pieces.
I think to make something from that old cloth.
I'm go with took a pair of scissors and other tools to make accessories such as necklace chains, beads and brooches pins.
After cutting here, sewing there and put some glue in some place....
Voilaaaaa !
I succeed to make some accessories from that cotton fabric pieces. A necklace, a bracelet and 5 brooches. And these are the picture of them :)))

The necklace is inspired from here.

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