I was able to finish the working drawings for my final assignment. Yaay !! :)
But I still have to write a report to finish it so I could be allowed to attend the last session.
Wish me luck
for the last session :)))
And now I can relax a little bit from the bustle. Writing th
e report won't be as busy as do the working drawings I guess :)
Other than that, I'll still be able to crafting anymore. Yay again !!
After searching the inspiration, I think for this 'holiday' (not real holiday because there is still some college task to do) I'll learn to make ribbon embroidery. Sooooo...I bought this stuff today at this shop, accompanied by my B. Thanks Dear :)))

Calico, colorful organza ribbons, lace and embroidery needles. Hmmm..let's see what I can make with these stuff :)))

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