Dream Craft Room..

I dream a beautiful and cozy crafting space in my future house. You know, some place for sewing, designing, polymer clay making, making some upcycled things or even just browsing some ideas. I want to have some room or space where can give me an inspiration while I'm crafting.
and after looking for some craft room inspiration, here's the ideas.....

I love this craft room that looks cozy and homey :))

Hmmm... this one looks very neat, clean and organized. Love it. But this is too big for me, I think. These rooms are for professional craftsmen, not for the hobbyist like me ;))

This one is my favorite. Love it love it love it !!! Not too big, just in one corner of the room. But sooooo beautiful :))) And I love that craft suitcase

This room looks so fresh. I love the color combination of this room..

These spaces are the alternatives idea if my future house does not have large space enough for the craft room. The craft closet is the best solution :)))



  1. Anonymous25.5.12

    I am downsizing and converting our craft/office room that my hubby and I share into a closet for my crafting. I have so much stuff...I'm not sure how I'm going to pull this off. THanks for the great ideas.

  2. Your welcome Dorcas !
    Thanks for your lovely comment :)


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