New Sketchbook !

This is my new sketchbook. I get it by buying the heavy papers for drawing and then left to the bindery to be bound. Once bound, the cover was plain and laminated. And while I'm blogwalking on Geninne's site, I've got inspired with her post. So I think I want to draw my sketchbook cover too, so that's won't be too plain. But my sketchbook over was got laminated, so I can't coloring it using watercolors. So i draw it using snowman white and micron pen waterproof ink, and varnish it.
I use photoshop actions from here and lovely vintage blog photo frame from here for this post images.


  1. Patya! This is Lindsey from Hello Hydrangea - I love your sketchbook! You are such a great artist. I am very jealous :)


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