Upcycled Badge Tutorial

i made this fabric covered badge from the unused badge.
and this is what you need to make this fabric covered badge like mine.

unused badges, needle & thread, scissors, felt fabric, floral fabric, calico, adhesive glue and pins.
i use a thread embroide
red calico to make another badge.
covered badge using calico . cut out the floral fabric into circle . straight stitch all the way around the fabric circle . insert the badge into the sewn fabric . pull the thread to tighten . cut out the felt fabric into a circle . mark with pencil the pin that will be affixed . fold felt fabric into half circle . cut the marked section using scissors . applied the pin onto felt fabric . and glued it to the back side of badge . glued the embellishment such like ribbon, lace, stones, jewel or polymer clay rose . do the same step to make an embroidered calico covered badge .

i hope this inspire you.
and i hope the tutorial images is helpful
just click on the images to see them larger.
enjoy your work !

P.S. : i love comments :))


  1. Yes it's inspiring!! :D

  2. Wow! How pretty! I will definitely try to make some for my daughter! Thanks for sharing!


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