Stache !

I'm interested to try making a hand carved stamps after seeing the tutorial on Geninne's blog. So I tried to make a stamp with a simple form of mustache..haha :) Well, unfortunately I didn't use the tools as used by Geninne in her tutorial, such like a carving block and linoleum cutter. I don't know where to buy those tools :( I just using a rubber eraser and usual cutter. And this is my hand carved stamp :))

And I try to use it on several ideas like my B paper-gift-bag and 'thanks!' gift tag :)

Here, look what I've found at stationary when I bought the rubber eraser. Disney Pooh Eraser Stamp..howcute :)) I know it's seems has displayed in stationary for a long time because its wrapper is quite dirty, but it's still cute so I bought it :)))

Next, i will give you a freebie about my stache stamp.

Have a happy Friday, Folks !


  1. That is such a brilliant idea!!!! Looks so good! You have inspired me to make my own little stamps for my labels and tags and stuff.
    Wonderful blog!

    pollie xo


  2. Anonymous31.8.12

    Okay, I love this. I have got to do this!
    So cute!


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