Congratulation Nadira, ST.

...clay work. A graduation girl figurine with Garfield :) 
I know, I know, that Garfield figurine wasn't too much alike with the real one..
I made him more slim with more gaunt face..haha

Congratulation and Happy Anniversary for Lisa and Fachrizal, ST.

 This clay on frame was requested by Lisa as a graduation and 2 year anniversary gift for her boyfriend. She wanted a clay on frame with 2 themes at once. Campus theme for the graduation and beach theme for the anniversary. So I split the frame area into two and fill it with 2 different themes.

Actually, I'm quite satisfied with the result, but I had great difficulty while taking the pictures.It's really hard to take a good photo with the glazing surface object like those frame. It's always reflects the surroundings. I've tried to darken the room so that there is no reflection on the glass surface, and then brighten it up in Photoshop. But then I get so much noisy and blurry photos like above :'(
Anyone can help?


  1. This is wonderful! Pratya you are a really talented girl :)

  2. Di photoshop kan bisa reduce noise kak ;) Lucu bgt loh itu kita bisa pesen ke kakak apa gmn?

    1. Udah pernah coba dan jadinya kurang tajem fotonya :(
      Boleh, kirim email aja ya :)
      Thx for your advice!

  3. wow!
    you're so talented. i barely can draw, let alone anything DIY. not gonna happen. haha.

  4. Oh, I like your take on Garfield. He still has a round belly ;)

  5. Golly, I really like your clay figures. They are totally adorable. I like what you're doing here. Well done. New follower!!! Love Elle xo

  6. Your blog is so adorable! I love your name, it's so different from any other blogs! And these models are so awesomeous (not a real word, i know ;) ) I wish i could create things like that. I'm a new follower, and you can check out and follow my blog if you wish at www.rollerbladesandvintage.blogspot.com Tata, Leah xox

  7. Hello Pratya! I love your products. I want to ask, can I order your clay doll agree with my budget ? Maybe, I will order in large quantities.

    1. Hi Revi!
      I'm so sorry, since I did all the products in my store by myself, I can't accept orders with large quantity. Maximum order that I can do is only 2-3 clay on frame orders in a month.
      Thanks so much for asking :)

  8. hi Pratya, pemesanan ini kira2 jadinya berapa lama? dan gimana cara mesennya ya? :)


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